Savings Bank

  • Savings Bank accounts can be opened in Hong Kong Dollars or US Dollars by individuals either singly or in joint names.
  • Photocopies of Passport/ HKID Card to be submitted for opening the account. Original documents will be returned after verification
  • Interest is payable half yearly in March and September at 0.15% rate eff from 01.04.2021
  • Cheques collection facility available for Savings bank account holders
  • Minimum Deposit required is HKD 1000 for HKD Savings accounts and USD 500 for USD Savings accounts
  • Bank reserves the right to close the account and refund the balance after deduction of service charges if the minimum balance is not maintained
  • Savings bank accounts should be maintained as personal accounts and not for business transactions
  • Please advise change of address promptly
  • Notification to customers will be by post and the last known address as per our records will be deemed to be the actual address
  • Accounts not operated for six months will be transferred to Inoperative accounts and will be subject to service charges
  • Bank reserves the right to recover or adjust any incorrect entry in the account
  • Customers are requested to check all entries in passbook/statement of account and the entries will be deemed to be correct if not notified within 14 days
  • USD currency deposited in USD Saving Bank accounts will be subjected to levy of 0.50% commission